SaaS Manual Changelog

Checkout the latest updates to SaaS Manual:

  • Add link to GitHub commit on Changelog entry.

    You can now visit the corresponding GitHub commit for new features, fixes, or chores 🎉.
  • Fix flex sizing on Changelog page.

    On large screens, the width of a Changelog entry was not large enough. 
    This is now fixed.
  • Fix Changelog layout on mobile.

    The mobile layout for the Changelog was not working. This is now resolved.
  • Generate Changelog manually for now.

    CodePipeline doesn't clone the Git history, so I am not able to generate the Changelog as part of the build step. For now, I am manually generating it locally. Eventually, this should happen automatically.
  • Make Changelog page public.

    The Changelog page was still in "draft" mode which means that it wasn't yet public.
  • Add new "Changelog" page

    You can now see all updates to SaaS Manual on the Changelog page:
    The Changelog is generated from merge commits to the SaaS Manual website repository. 🎉
  • Fix DynamoDB book content

    Removed dummy text and added description and keywords.
  • Add new books section

    I added a section for books that I can recommend for building SaaS products.
  • Fix remote repo URLs

    The URLs to remote repo files were broken. This resolves the issue.
  • Add link to repository/file

    Now, code samples also link to the respective files on GitHub.
  • Add new source code embedding feature.

    You can now embed living source code into posts. 
    1. Simply wrap the source code with a comment `// [embed: <ID>]` and close it with `[/embed]`
    2. Reference the source in your markdown with `::embed-source{id=<ID> repo=<optional>}
  • Update SEO fields for articles.

    I added a description and keywords to all articles.
  • Render SEO results in table and add keywords check.

    Added table layout instead of line-based layout. Also added keywords check.
  • Smaller improvements.

    Added smaller code improvements to the SEO module.
  • Add simple SEO plugin.

    I added a simple plugin that warns me if pages are missing certain key elements. For now, I only check the description but I will extend this over time.
  • Fix certain broken links

    A few links were broken. They are now fixed 😅
  • Add keywords tag to pages

    Pages now have the keywords tag.
  • Add canonical link tag

    All pages now have the canonical tag so pages reference the correct main page.
  • Fix wording on Cloud9 tool page.

    Renamed Cloudflare to Cloud9.
  • Fix wording and open link in new tab.

    The link to Wikipedia articles was not opening in a new window. This is now fixed.